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Damian O'Byrne and Tom Harrison produce a Middle-earth fanzine in their spare time with the help of a number of contributors from the Great British Hobbit League community. Free PDF copies of the magazine can be found by clicking on the cover images below - issues 1 to 5 are currently available, as well as two special editions we made as a bit of fun!

Each issue is 48 pages long and contains articles on tactics, battle reports, opinion-pieces, hobby aids and more! Our primary goal when we started this project was to create a fanzine containing content exclusively from The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game and we're very proud to have reached the milestone of releasing ten issues! 

Can I pick up physical copies of the magazine? Yes! As well as making free online PDF versions of the fanzine, we also get physical copies professionally printed, which we post worldwide (we've posted to 30 countries!). We do this so that if you, like us, love sitting in a comfy armchair and thumbing through the pages of a glossy magazine, you can do so! If you're interested in picking up any physical copies of our issues or would like to provide feedback, then please drop us an email at

Issue 1 cover.PNG

Issue 1, Autumn 2014

Issue 5 cover.PNG

Issue 5, Summer 2017

issue 9 cover.PNG

Issue 9, Summer 2019

Issue 2 cover.PNG

Issue 2, Spring 2015

Issue 6 cover.PNG

Issue 6, Spring 2018

Issue 10.PNG

Issue 10, Winter 2020

Issue 3 cover new.PNG

Issue 3, Spring 2016

Issue 7 cover.PNG

Issue 7, Summer 2018


April Fool's Special, 2019

SBG Issue 4 cover.PNG

Issue 4, Autumn 2016

Issue 8 cover.PNG

Issue 8, Spring 2019

Advent Calendar.PNG

Advent Special, 2019

issue 11 cover.PNG

Issue 11, Autumn 2021